1650 Indian Valley Rd Novato, CA

There!  The house!  Not Michael’s house, but a friend/group member of Lillith’s sister’s satanic group.  I can’t remember what the group is called.

I remember the day Michael told my mother she wouldn’t be accepted as a secret member of the Temple of Set.  She sobbed in the shower.  I remained outside her bathroom door, not knowing how to help her.  It was about 3 or 4 years after I first visited Michael’s lair.  He didn’t trust her.  Saw her as too volatile.

He must have referred her to Lillith’s sister’s satanic group.  It was heavy with women.  At one time, I had to service a circle of women.  I was dressed in black.  I begged my mother to not make me do this.  She told me she’d buy me a toy if I cooperated.  Plus, I had to do it for her.  So, I did.  It was terrible.  The women were in a circle in black robes.  They were wearing something to hold their “private parts” up to expose their clitorises.  I hated my black underwear that I had to take off later.  There was a drain in the middle of the circle.  I laid down and cried.  I was covered in pee and feces.  I wished I were dead.  When my mother pulled up to Toys R us after (the kind ladies there gave her directions), she woke me up.  It was from a dead sleep and I didn’t know what had just happened to me.  I ended up with something small that my mother said no one would notice.

I forgot the point of this post!

That house.  I’d always remembered the house with the red stairs.  One Sunday, my mother asked me and my sister if we wanted to go see a mansion.  We were excited because we’d never seen a mansion before!  I remembered tapestries (which turned out to be just really long curtains), red stairs, a walkout basement (not normal in California), a pool, and thinking the house felt gross.  I was not impressed!  Plus, it didn’t seem that big.  And I didn’t care about the cars in the garage.

A few weeks later, my mother and I were supposed to go on a weekend getaway together.  She and I went to that house.  She dropped me off at a bedroom in the basement.  There was a man there.  I was his for the weekend.  I remember having to change into the clothes he wanted me to wear.  I remember the bathroom so specifically.  My mother told me she’d be right next door.  In my mind, she was just on the other side of the wall.  I focused on that.  I know she had sex with other men.  I had to swim in the pool with that man and call him daddy and pretend to have fun.  All I wanted was my mom to come and get me and tell me the weekend was over.  She finally did on Sunday.  I don’t know if she was actually in the same house.  In my mind, there were a lot of people there doing the same thing.


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