Mikey and Shamby

Mikey and Lillith sometimes had me call them “Mikey and Shamby.” One morning, I woke up early in my house and watched TV. I saw an episode of “Gumby.” I was terrified because of how similar the names “Gumby” and “Shamby” were. Another time, I watched an old episode of the Addams family. The characters on there terrified me because they also reminded me of Mikey and Lillith.

My first time spending the night there was relatively calm compared to the visits that followed. He introduced me to his friend, the lightning stick, or the “zapper” as I called it. I was willing to do anything in this WHOLE WORLD to avoid being stuck with the zapper. I can’t emphasize that enough. The zapper was, and is, the most terrible thing in the world. It was actually a cattle prod that electrocuted me, but to me, it will always be the zapper.

Mikey raped the hell out of me and I had to give him a blow job. He hit me for not going “fast enough” on his blow job. I was only three. I went as fast as I could. He told me if I did it well, then I wouldn’t get zapped. After finishing the blow job, he threw me on the bed and zapped me. I felt so hurt. I had done my best and he had said he wouldn’t, but then he did.

I left my body. I remember looking down at myself and thinking, “That little girl must have been so bad because he is doing that to her. She must not have listened!” I had a supernatural experience where an angel reminded me what was going on and that I had done nothing wrong. I had a hard time believing that was me on the bed.

This must not have been the first time the he zapped me because, while talking to the angel, it occurred to me what was going to happen next. I begged and begged the angel to not to let it happen. I couldn’t stand it again. It was so terrible! I didn’t want to go back into my body. Blood and other fluids were coming from my private parts and I was so embarrassed. But, I had to go back into my body. The angel promised that another angel would be with me and I wouldn’t be left alone.

I went back into my body and was in so much pain. Mikey grabbed me by the arm because I wasn’t listening. He tried to make me stand but my legs were too shaky from being electrocuted vaginally. He hit me on the bottom until I could force myself to walk. He threw me into a closet or a cellar type thing. All I knew is that it was pitch dark, I was naked and bloody, and hungry, and knew I’d be in there for a long time.

My angel was there. She sang to me and told me stories about funny things I’d done and reasons she loved me until I fell asleep. I know I was in there for at least a day. I was cold, bloody, naked, hurting, and hungry. It was terrible.

Another time, he and Lillith gathered around me on their bed. They made me repeat, “Come into me, come into me.” I don’t know how long I was possessed, but I was. It was like being raped, but having your whole soul be violated instead of just your body.

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