In the beginning, there was Mikey

My father was in the military. He ended up in San Francisco, California. This was the early 80’s. There is ONE man who was the head of the Temple of Set in the 80’s. He was also the head of the CIA’s mind control program.

When I first read that, I thought it was a joke. Nope, not a joke. He was an expert, and is an expert of mind control. AND the head of a satanic temple.

I lived in the suburbs and remember first visiting his “apartment.” I lived in a wealthy area in a house. Houses had lots of space between the next house. Apartments were for poor people who had to live with other apartments. Their homes were squished together. It was only recently that it occurred to me that I referred to Temple of Set’s president’s house as an apartment. This San Francisco house is worth millions, yet I’ll continue referring to it as an apartment.

I remember one thing about the first time I went to his apartment: his bathtub. My sister was there and we pointed at the bathtub and giggled. It had clawed feet on top of a ball. We’d never seen such a thing! I’ve never forgotten it.

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