In exchange for Temple of Set membership…

I still haven’t put together how my mother met Mikey. I’m assuming my father’s military connections had something to do with it. I know that she adored him. I know that she always wanted to be “somebody.” She wanted power, prestige, wealth, and connections. I think she believed that membership in the Temple of Set would achieve all that she wanted in life.

I don’t know that she knew Mikey was affiliated with a satanic temple in the beginning. I know there was a retreat in Tahoe. I also know that she said she believed in the Mormon church that we went to every Sunday. But satanic temples and the Mormon church (regardless of your personal opinions) really don’t mix.

My mother latched onto everything Mikey said. In order to become a member of the temple, you have to be vetted for years. You also have to give the temple something in exchange for allowing you to begin your membership to show that you are trustworthy and serious about wanting “in.” My mother gave Mikey my sister and me. Not permanently, of course. We lived at home. We had a dad that cared about us and had no idea what was going on. He worked a lot.  But we made visits to Mikey’s house. And it was more terrible than one can imagine.

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